Pilze-Nagy Kft.

Pilze-Nagy Kft.

The time of establishing the Pilze-Nagy Kft is the January of 1997, but the individual undertaking dealing with growing and selling oyster mushroom, whose transformation gave the basis of our company, has started its activity already in 1991. In the course of the past twenty years, due to the continuous development and activity expansion, our family enterprise grew to be a considerable multifunctional company. The head-office and the sites of the company are located at a 5 km distance to the North of Kecskemét on an estate of 10 hectares, close to the motorway M5. The activities of our company - producing substrate for oyster mushrooms, growing oyster mushrooms, distributing fresh oyster mushrooms on the wholesale and retail markets, as well as generating electric power and heat energy sourcing from biogas production - are in close correlation with each other.

Our enterprise dealing with mushroom growing as main activity is also taking part in research and development, it has been both participant and head of many domestic R+D project in the course of recent years. We are also in possession of more own-developed know-how on the area of producing substrate for oyster mushrooms and utilising waste materials of mushroom production.

Due to the two decades of professional experience, as well as the company management considering the innovative, continuously ready-to-renewal, environment-friendly development to be a company objective, the Pilze-Nagy Kft is registered as a leading oyster mushroom growing and trading companies in Hungary and Europe.

Producing substrate for oyster mushrooms

Producing substrate for oyster mushrooms

Laskagomba-alapanyag gyártás

It was an important milestone in our company history, when in 2002, using the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development, as well as the County Council of Regional Development; we constructed our own oyster mushroom substrate producing plant. Starting in 2003, we produce oyster mushroom substrate in an annual quantity of approximately 12 thousand tons applying the most updated technologies.

As a result of our insistent development activity, the production process applied in our plant is fully free of chemicals. Due to the continuously controlled biological processes the ready substrate does not contain any harmful (competitor) microorganisms to oyster mushrooms. The substrate produced this way enables the environment-friendly mushroom production having ecologically lower charges.

Oyster mushroom production


Growing of oyster mushrooms on the site of our company takes place on a growing surface of thirtyfive thousand square meters, in semi-automated buildings and mushroom producing tents. We use own-manufactured substrate for the growing, so the entire procedure of growing fresh goods can be controlled. Our company turns utmost emphasis to the mushroom production being fully free of chemicals, which is backed by conscious technology selection. This is the reason why the activity of the Pilze-Nagy Kft is in full compliance with the conditions and terms of bio-mushroom production, being also officially certified by the Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. The supervision of the procedures of environment-friendly production is performed by the application of established food safety systems (GLOBALGAP).


The fresh oyster mushroom traded by the Pilze-Nagy Kft is in compliance with the most severe quality requirements that enables us to supply products to the continuously expanding markets of the European Union besides the domestic distribution, by means of our own cooling truck fleet. Our most important market is Germany, however, the quantity of sold mushroom is also significant on the Austrian, French, English and Belgian markets, while demands are growing in the neighbouring countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia). Our most significant partners are characteristically wholesalers and supermarket chains.

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